Fall Color at Silver Sage

Fall Color at Silver Sage Garden Centers

Aspens turning color for fall
Aspens turning color for fall

There’s a lot going on at Silver Sage for the fall. We’re having our Fall Kickoff Sale and watching many of our plants bloom and turn beautiful fall colors.
Read below for some of our fall show-stoppers.

Cover photo: Aspens are among the most beautiful tree for fall color, however environmental factors such as elevation, seasonal moisture and temperature play a huge role in the performance of fall color year to year. Plant your aspens on the north or east side of the house if you live on the front range to give them a break from harsh southwestern sun. Silver Sage Garden Centers carries Quaking Aspens, Populus tremuloides, in many sizes from #5 bucket (container) up to #20 bucket, as well as B&B (ball and burlap) caliper sized trees around 2″. Aspens are available in single or multi-stem. Some Swedish Aspen, Populus tremula ‘variety’ (pictured above in our cover photo) are also available.

Red Fall Mums at Silver Sage Garden Centers
Red Fall Mums

Silver Sage has Fall Mums! While Mums are more often available in fall, they are perennial and will come back next year. Use Mums to pop in a bit of color to containers where annuals have faded for summer or plant in flower beds to brighten bare spots. Silver Sage carries several different colors of Fall Mums and Asters.

Sweet Autumn Clematis, smells sweet, blooms in the fall
Sweet Autumn Clematis

The Sweet Autumn Clematis, Clematis terniflora, has a lightly sweet smell with tiny white star shaped flowers and blooms in the fall. This fast growing vine is excellent for arbors, trellises, or fences.

Don't forget your pollinators this fall! Bees foraging on autumn blooming sedum
Don’t forget your pollinators this fall!

Pollinators like honeybees, stingless wasps, and flies are hard at work collecting the last pollen of the season. When planning your garden, don’t forget to add fall-blooming plants like this tall sedum to provide food for pollinators.

Japanese Barberry, variety 'Admiration'
Japanese Barberry, variety ‘Admiration’

Barberry plants are popular for their rich colors ranging from deep red/purple to bright yellow. Berberis thungbergii ‘Admiration’ is just one variety of Barberry available at Silver Sage Garden Centers. This smaller Barberry reaches about 1′ x 1′ in size and would be excellent as a low border or accent piece adding a pop of color. Barberries have thorns and as such are deer and rabbit resistant!

Tiger Eyes Sumac
Tiger Eyes Sumac

The Tiger Eyes Sumac, Rhus typhina ‘Bailtiger’, is a small tree-like shrub reaching 6′ tall and wide that can be used as a single specimen or in mass plantings to provide stunning spring through fall color. Spring through summer, the Tiger Eyes Sumac is all shades of yellow and green while in the fall it turns brilliant shades of pinks and oranges.

Amur Maple, Ginnalla Maple
Amur Maple, Ginnalla Maple

Amur Maples, also known as Ginnalla Maples (Acer tataricum subsp. ginalla ‘variety’) are among the hardiest Maples for the front range. In clump, or multi-stem forms (pictured here) they rarely reach sizes larger than 20′ x 20′. Beautiful ornamental Maple tree that provides rich, bright green color all spring and summer, and turns brilliant hues of orange and red for fall. Generally used as an accent, specimen, or screening plant.

Stop into Silver Sage today to see the fall color display!