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Evergreen Trees

The term ‘evergreen’ refers to these trees keeping their foliage (needles) all winter, thus providing winter interest and year round screening for privacy, wind, or even sound. Evergreens require a regular watering schedule while roots are establishing but once established will almost never need supplemental watering.

List of Evergreen Trees

Shade Trees

Shade trees provide beauty, cool shade, and big energy savings. Typically shade trees are large deciduous trees with many different canopy shapes, leaf types, and fall colors. Shade trees reduce air temperature by blocking sunlight and releasing water from their leaves. They can be strategically placed on the South or West side of buildings to provide shade during the summer and allow light penetration/heat during the winter.

List of Shade Trees

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are generally smaller than shade trees and often provide spring flowers, beautiful fall color, interesting forms, or winter interest with colorful or textured bark. Add a beautiful specimen to your landscape and shade for the grass by planting an ornamental tree.

List of Ornamental Trees

Fruit Trees

Growing fruit trees in Colorado can be a rewarding and delicious endeavor. There are many hardy varieties that can be grown on the front range. There’s nothing better than picking fresh fruit from the garden or using it for jams, jellies, pies, salads, and other dishes.

List of Fruit Trees

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