Columnar Norway Spruce

Columnar (Fastigiate) Norway Spruce

Picea abies ‘Cupressina’

Features & Specs

Max Elevation: 6,500 ft.
Hardiness: Zone 2-7
Mature Height x Spread: 20′ x 4′
Shape: Tall and slender with compact branches to withstand the weight of snow.
Growth Rate: Slow – growth in height happens faster than growth in width.
Foliage: Short, dark green needles with bright green new growth. Dark, forest green year round.
Bloom: Non-flowering


Specimen, Perimeter privacy or screening tree, Accent, Winter Interest, Wind break

Tolerates: Drought (once established)
Municipality Use:

Planting & Maintenance

Sun: Full sun, tolerates light shade
Soil: Amend soil when planting
Water: All new plant material needs regular watering – see our Plant Care Guide.
Special Considerations: Don’t over water. This tree is especially susceptible to root-ball damage during transplant so go with the pro’s on this one!
Maintenance: Pruning is not recommended. If branches are troublesome, prune selectively.

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Above information is brought to you by Silver Sage staff from personal experience and knowledge. This information is tailored specifically for growing conditions on the Front Range. Particular recommendations may vary depending on location and other planting situations.

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