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We plant big trees!

Our expert planting service

We plant hundreds of trees every year so take advantage of our expert planting service! Some of our bigger trees weigh over 1000lbs and are virtually impossible to maneuver without equipment. If you are already working with a landscaper, ask them if they’re shopping at Silver Sage. Want to know what other customers have to say about Silver Sage’s installation service? Please read our testimonials.

How much does it cost to have trees planted?

We install trees and shrubs for 50% of their purchase price. For example, when you purchase $500 of plant materials, Silver Sage will install your plants for $250 (minimum planting service is $150). This includes delivery, digging the hole, filling it in with soil amendment, watering your plants in with a root stimulator, and staking trees if necessary. All you have to do is tell us where you want it!

Silver Sage supplies you with peace of mind too. Included in our installation service we have a warranty till October 31st of the purchase year for 100% the purchase price of your plant material.

How the Silver Sage planting service works

Come into Silver Sage to pick our your plant material – we plant any plants we sell. Once you have chosen your plants, we will go over several planting questions having to do with access to the landscape, if there was ever another tree or shrub where you want your new plants to go (we can’t plant on top of an old stump), and if you’ve had utilities marked. Once we have gone over all the questions, we give you a scheduled date for your planting and you’re on your way! We will also send you a one-time follow-up e-mail with a link to our Plant Care Guide. Please read over that carefully to give your plants the very best chance for success.

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