Plant Installation Policy

Silver Sage Garden Centers
Planting Policy


You do not need to be home for planting as long as you have marked where you want the center of your new tree(s) to go.
This mark must be at least 40″ away from a marked utility line.

There are FEES associated with the Cancellation or Rescheduling of a Planting

Please read over the following scenarios to see if any apply to you

The planting date they gave me won’t work for my schedule and I need to reschedule. You can reply to the e-mail Silver Sage sent regarding the original planting date and let us know that day won’t work and give us a range of dates or times that would work for you. There is no charge for this as long as you notify us sometime between the purchase of your planting and the scheduled planting date.

Cancellation & Rescheduling:

Before scheduled planting date:
Cancellation: Should you choose to cancel a planting service, trees, etc. once it has been purchased, you will be charged a 5% Cancellation Fee on the Total of the original purchase or sum of cancelled goods and services.

Reschedule: There is no fee should you choose to reschedule before plant material has been loaded (day of scheduled planting).

Once plant material has been loaded (day of scheduled planting):
Cancellation: Silver Sage will refund your Total purchase amount minus a $100 Cancellation Fee.

Reschedule: Silver Sage will charge $100 to reschedule your planting.*

*Examples of reasons for reschedule include but are not limited to:
– no access to planting site: gate is locked, gate is less than 38” wide, the tree(s) need to be lifted over/onto a retaining wall, there is a steep hill
– there is an existing tree, shrub, large stump where you want the new tree to go (this has to be removed prior to the scheduled planting date)
– you choose to reschedule for whatever reason


Most live plant material has a warranty till October 31st of the purchase year. Some plants do not qualify for a warranty.

Please read over our warranty policy on our website for more information:

The value of the planting service (labor) is not included in the warranty.

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