Garden Center Warranty

Warranty on trees and shrubs

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Be sure you have read over our Plant Care Guide
which will not only to ensure your plants live and thrive but answer many questions you may have.

– Wilting or droopy leaves and branches.
– A few brightly colored leaves, yellow or red. Occasionally the entire plant will turn its fall color.
– Leaf scorch: the tips and edges of leaves brown or entire leaves turn brown and fall off.
– Evergreen needles may turn brown in various ways.
– Leaves fall off the tips of branches, entire branches are bare, and few leaves the next spring.
– Proper care of your plants will alleviate transplant shock.

If you are concerned about your plants, please send questions and photos of your plants to



Please read our policies if you purchased any plant material from Silver Sage

For trees and shrubs planted by Silver Sage Garden Centers, Inc:
– Guaranteed one time only for 100% of the purchase price of the plant. The warranty is valid for one year from time of purchase. Labor costs are not included in warranty.

For trees and shrubs planted by the homeowner:
– Guaranteed for 50% of the purchase price of the plant through October 31st of the purchase year.

For everyone:
– The guarantee only applies if the plant dies or if the long term aesthetic is irreparably compromised.
– You must go through our warranty inquiry process before warranty credit can be given. The inquiry process is started by sending a photo to
– Do not remove a struggling plant before speaking with Silver Sage – this will VOID your warranty.
– Customer may be asked to provide proof of purchase (copy of invoice), please keep your receipt.
– New plant material purchased with warranty credit does not have a warranty.

Warranty does not extend to:
– Annuals, Perennials, #1 Pots, Ornamental Grasses, Japanese Maples.
– WHOLESALE transactions and SALE items (>5% discount).
– Damage due to acts of God.
– Improper maintenance
– Please ask before you purchase plants for a rental property where you do not reside.

Return Policy:
– Please select your plant material wisely as we do not accept returns or exchanges.
– There is a 5% processing fee on any returned items and delivery or planting service cancellation.
– Absolutely no cash refunds unless paid with cash originally.

Thank you for choosing Silver Sage Garden Centers

If you look closely at a tree you’ll notice it’s knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully.
-Matthew Fox