Silver Sage Has Annuals! Win a small 4-pack this week!

Silver Sage has Annuals, Veggies and more! Win a small 4-pack this week!

Win a 4-pack of annuals this week in our Silver Sage Facebook Challenge!
Win a 4-pack of annuals this week in our Silver Sage Facebook Challenge!

Win a small 4-pack of annuals this week on our weekly Silver Sage Facebook Challenge by telling us what your favorite annual is and why!

Annuals are easy to care for, have brilliant color, and bloom all summer long. Unlike perennials which come back every year, annuals will live for only one year. Plant annuals near the last frost date, generally the second week in May for the Front Range. Annuals will bloom continuously from the time you plant them until the first frost of fall providing you with vibrant color all through summer.

Use lush patio pots with brightly colored geraniums and grasses to decorate your front stoop or driveway while hanging baskets full of technicolor trailing calibrachoa liven up outdoor living spaces. If you choose to plant your own annual garden, consider color combinations that coordinate with your house – bright reds and yellows stand out against light colored gray or white homes; holidays – make your 4th of July party really pop with a garden of red, white, and blue flowers; or customize with your favorite color combo. Annuals are also a quick and easy fix to satisfy any bare garden spots or empty pots.

For designing your own patio pots or garden beds, remember that there are ‘spillers’, ‘fillers’, and ‘thrillers’. Spillers are things that will grow out long and spill over the edges of pots or boxes. Fillers will do just that, fill in bare spots to cover the ground. Thriller are tall things like ornamental grasses, place these in the center of your pots or beds to add height between between fillers. Patio pots make excellent gifts for Mother’s day!

If you want to learn more about growing Annuals in Colorado, check out Colorado State University’s Annual Flower Trial Garden.