Tracks In The Snow

Tracks In The Snow

Many things scurry about the nursery at Silver Sage. When the ground is freshly covered in snow, we arrive at the nursery early in the morning, and see tracks from different creatures that have scurried about while we were sleeping.

Bunny tracks in the snow
Bunny tracks

Bunnies are quite numerous at the garden center and often nibble on tender perennials and grasses – that’s why we keep our flowers on tables! This bunny was hopping somewhere and had to make a detour. Bunny tracks have two in the front and seemingly one in the back because they place their back feet very closely together. Occasionally, you can make out two distinct back feet as seen above.

Wagon Tracks
Wagon Tracks

The team at Silver Sage seems to make plenty of their own tracks in the snow as well. This shot was taken as we we were using our wagons to move hundreds of plants under shelter in an effort to overwinter them. We go to great lengths to take care of our top quality trees and shrubs! After we built protective shelters like the hoop-houses you see on the property, shrubs and grasses get pruned, hand-watered, and moved under frost-cloth to keep them from freezing during the winter.

Weasle Tracks in Snow
Weasel Tracks

We believe these tracks, although melted a bit, were left by a weasel or something similar.

Silver Ball Pear
Silver Ball Pear

Winter came very quickly this year and many deciduous trees had not lost their leaves before the first snowfall. This photo is of a Silver Ball Pear, a round-canopy dwarf pear with silvery green leaves. Once the temperature dropped so quickly, the leaves on this pear turned almost black, leaving little black leaves against pretty white-silver bark. No doubt, you may have noticed some very dark leaves on pears in your yard as well.

Cheyenne Privet
Cheyenne Privet

The Cheyenne Privets generally have nice golden fall color. This privet is generally used as a hedge as it shears well and has a sturdy but intricate branching pattern.

Wind and Sun snow tracks
Wind and Sun

Snow becomes packed from feet and vehicles driving over it, then slowly melts in these cool patters from the sun and wind.

Deer Mouse tracks in the snow
Deer Mouse

A little mouse scurrying through the snow left these tracks. Notice its tail leaves an impression in the snow as it maneuvers through the snow.

Leaf tracks in the snow

We noticed many irregularly shaped tracks in the snow and figured it was just debris. As we looked closer we can see that many leaves will fall on the snow, and snow melts around them, then the wind may pick up the leaf and move it further creating a path of leaf markings.